The next generation of five-spindle screw machines has arrived.

Davenport’s new Hybrid Concept Machine provides a combination of the mechanical versatility of Davenport’s multi-spindle machines and the accuracy of CNC machines.

This combined technology offers superior process control, shorter indexing time, superior size control, and an overall more flexible machining process.  Multiple tests have proven the Hybrid Machine’s ability to hold tighter tolerances (5x tigher than the HP &  10x tighter than the 8-SA!) and accuracies that outshine single spindle CNC lathes.

  • Feature Highlights

    Size Control

    • Improved Process Capability
    • Fewer Outliers
    • Tighter Bell Curves
    • Higher CpKs

    Indexing Time

    • Revolving Head Index Time - As short as 0.25 secs
    • 1.85 second cycle parts (vs 2.0 second cycles)
    • 0.25 second index available

    Independent Spindle Size

    • Part size can be digitally adjusted
    • "One-Touch" feature adjusts tool wear size for all spindles

    1st & 2nd Position CNC Driven Slides

    • Servo driven ball screws
    • Impoved rigidity
  • Literature

    Davenport’s Hybrid Concept Machine Guides

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