Davenport’s One-Inch Model B is our classic machine…just bigger.

The Davenport One-inch Model B Machine is the model-b machine that you know and love, updated to manufacture larger parts.

This new version of the machine can work with full 1.00″ diameter parts, allowing users access to more profitable market segments. The One-Inch Model B has revolutionized the face of large capacity machines. It maintains the same footprint of the original Model-B, and is less than half of the size of the typical one-inch capacity multispindle machines.

Learn more about how the new One-Inch Model B will increase your production and your ROI below.

  • Features

    New One-Inch Model B Features

    • One-Inch Capacity
    • Pick-off spindle equipped to handle 1.00" diameter
    • Bronze Box Spindles Redesigned for Larger Bar Capacity
    • One-Inch Versions of all standard form tools, circular tools, etc.
    • Continued compatability with All Major Davenport Attachments
    • Upgraded Stock Depletion Switch
    • Comes with a variable-speed motorized chip conveyor
    • Upgraded, heavy-duty turnbuckle design
    • Updated chuck & feed mechanisms

    Standard (Included) Model B Features

    • Oversize or Regular Capacity
    • Cycle Index 75, 60, or 45 Cycle
    • Disc Style Threading Attachment
    • 5th Position Stationary Head Burring Attachment
    • 5th Position Countersink Attachment
    • 10 Hp Main Drive Motor
    • Electrics (Please specify voltage required)
    • Motorized Bijur System
    • Barrel Chucking
    • Center Drive with Standard Gear
    • Double Action Chip Conveyor
    • 1st and 2nd Position Tool Posts and Cross Slides
    • 3rd Position Swing Arm
    • Optional 3rd Position Cross Slide Available at Additional Cost
    • 5th Position Swing Arm
    • Stock Depletion Sensor
    • DeClutch & Brake Mechanism (optional)
    • Stock Reel for 12 Foot Long Bar Stock
    • Stock Reel Cover
    • Noisetamer Complete (optional)
  • Literature

    Davenport’s One-Inch Model B FAQs

    Download the FAQs Guide