The electronics and electrical industries universally employ the Davenport for the production of a multitude of components.

These parts are used in a wide variety of products, many of which are found in common household appliances. One application of parts produced are spacers that are installed between major sections in the assembly of household and commercial lamps. Tuning shafts and toggle switch handles are machined most cost effectively on a Davenport as well as a wide variety of electrical connectors.

A large assortment of more intricate and high-tech electrical parts can be produced using standard attachments. The wire lug, an essential piece of a panel box assembly, is easily made when used in conjunction with the cross drill and cross tapping attachments. The electrical cap, a fuse container found in telephones to prevent electrical shock, is finished in one operation with the help of the transfer attachment, the trepan and slotting attachments.