In today’s ultrafast internet environment, companies have an incredible number of options for their purchasing dollars.  Why choose Genuine Davenport OEM Replacement Parts?

As an OEM, we at Davenport Machine, take pride in our 110+ year history.  However, time alone does not drive success.  It is the dedication, innovation, and commitment to our customers that helps us maintain and grow our loyal customer base.

How does Davenport do it?

We achieve that by doing the following:

  • Davenport Replacement Parts: Davenport carries an inventory of over 4,000 parts, assemblies and attachments to serve our clients.  We don’t cherry pick our inventory to sell parts with the highest margins.  Rather, we fully stock all Davenport parts and are focused on helping customers find the best parts for their needs.
  • Quality: Davenport has invested millions of dollars in the past few years in new production equipment and dozens of process improvements/innovations generated by our Engineering Exploration and Advancement Group.  This, in turn, has led to dramatic new efficiencies and product quality improvement in our manufacturing processes.  The result?  A higher quality product at a very reasonable price!
  • Customer Service: Years of experience with Davenport products allows our staff to provide timely technical support and real solutions to customers, rather than simply filling part orders.  Our online customer portal allows for easy, quick order placement at the push of a button, with thousands of pictures to ensure you are getting the correct part.
  • “No Hassles” Return Policy: Order the wrong part or the part not working properly.  No problem.  Return it and we’ll replace it immediately.