Multiple Spindle Machines

A multi-spindle screw machine is a type of screw machine, equipped with several spindles. Each spindle is capable of holding and operating a cutting tool.  These machines are commonly used in manufacturing and machining processes to increase productivity by simultaneously performing multiple operations on a workpiece.

The number of spindles on a multi-spindle machine can vary from a few to several dozen, depending on the specific application requirements.  Each spindle can be independently controlled or synchronized to perform the same operation on multiple locations of the workpiece.

Multi-spindle machines are particularly useful for high-volume production where efficiency and throughput are critical.  They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics for tasks such as drilling, tapping, milling, and turning.

Multi Spindle Lathe

A lathe is a tool that is used to rotate the material being worked on its axis to allow the performance of operations such as cutting, deformation and turning through the use of tools applied on the work-piece.

For mass production, multi spindle lathes are preferred due to the fact that their production is as much as four to six times higher compared to what a single lathe machine can offer you. Their accuracy is also much higher and they save on a lot of time.

Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe

This type of machine has the ability to provide various types of operations which include boring holes, turning, chamfering, threading, grooving as well as drilling and this is done by moving the piece that is being worked on between six to eight positions in the machine.

This tool can produce a very fast cycle time by dividing a single process to six or eight times, which enables you to complete a process fast and efficiently. This machine is much better than the single spindle lathe machine as it can produce a speed that is up to five times higher than what the single lathe machine can offer you. The good thing about using this machine is that you can greatly vary the speed according to your needs for the best results.

The machine achieves a fast cycle as follows. The whole process to be carried out will be divided by the number of spindles in the machine. Supposing that the machine that you are using has six spindles, the process will be divided into six processes that will be carried out simultaneously.

The steps that take the longest time are the loading and the unloading of the material to be worked on. This long position time taken to load and unload the work-piece equates to the total cycle time taken in working on the material.

This is unlike in a single spindle lathe machine whereby the total duration taken to work on a material is the addition of all the whole period in which the material is worked on as the processes are not divided into smaller sub-processes to save on time.

The Difference Between Single Spindle And Multi Spindle Lathes

Single-spindle lathes and multi-spindle lathes differ primarily in the number of operations that can be performed and their production efficiency.

1. Number of Spindle

2. Productivity

3. Flexibility

Single-spindle lathes are suitable for small to medium production runs, while multi-spindle lathes are geared toward high volume production where maximizing productivity and efficiency are essential.  The choice between them depends on production volume, complexity of parts, and budget considerations.