Multi-spindle screw machines are the most productive lathes in the world. Unlike a single-spindle lathe, Davenport Machines provide five working spindles. Allowing users to see significant productivity gains for high volume part allotments. Our various machine platforms allow us to provide solutions for almost any industry.

Hybrid Machine

The Hybrid has the mechanical dependability of our multi-spindle machines while incorporating the ease and accuracy of CNC machines.

Model B

Since 1900, the Model B has been the most economical multi-spindle automatic screw machine in the world.

A brand new Davenport Chucker multi-spindle machine with the door closed.


Multi-spindle automatic screw machine designed to complete secondary operations on preformed blanks. Now available with the HP High Precision revolving head.

The Hybrid is the newest and most advanced multi-spindle machine offered by Davenport.
The Model B remains the fastest most cost-effective multi-spindle machine for high volume production of turned parts.

The Chucker machine is a versatile high production machine used to complete secondary operations.

One-Inch Model B

The Davenport One-Inch Model B Machine will manufacture larger parts up to one inch diameter. The Inch Machine has a smaller footprint and is more cost effective than other larger multi-spindle machines.

Our Machine Expertise

Over 14,000 Davenport machines have been deployed globally. Have you ever wondered why? Davenports are the fastest multi-spindle machines on the market. They have the smallest footprint, and are the most versatile machines in their class.

With unparalleled support and service, it’s no wonder we have been in business for over 130 years.

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