In the late 1800s, screw machines were developed to automate and quickly produce large quantities of identical parts, such as screws. While the basics of screw machines may not be so different today, the implementation of automation technologies has made them highly efficient for large production runs.

Multi-spindle screw machines are specialized, automated metalworking lathes that cut multiple pieces of material simultaneously in a precision machined drum. This drum rotates over spindles and divides operations evenly between them, with each full rotation completing one part. Each spindle has a cross-slide and end-slide tool, making each spindle a 2-axis lathe. We offer a large variety of screw machines to meet all of your production needs.

Hybrid Machine

Davenport is proud to announce the addition of our newest and most advanced next-generation multi-spindle machine, the Hybrid. The Hybrid has the mechanical versatility of our multi-spindle machines while incorporating the ease and accuracy of Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machines. The combined technology assures users gain:

  • Super Precision
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Easier Setups
  • Faster Cycle Times
  • Conventional CNC Interface
  • Ability to Machine Aerospace Alloys / A286
  • Single Point Threading

Testing has proven that this machine holds tighter tolerances (five times tighter than the HP and 10 times tighter than the 8-SA with accuracies that are equal or exceed single-spindle CNC lathes.

Davenport HP

Our High Precision Machines offer a variety of features to improve efficiency and functionality, such as:

  • A pre-wired control package, pre-mounted for faster set up.
  • Off-the-floor, machine-mounted coolant pump under the stock reel cover.
  • Lube pumps at convenient service height.
  • Machine Interface (MMI) – preload and store multiple programs for quicker job changes. Remote web access for quick troubleshooting. Located at an optimal height for easy operation.
  • Multiple emergency stop locations.
  • Individually adjustable regulated valves on the pneumatic pack
  • External lube and air gauges for easy monitoring and maintenance
  • An extra window near the 5th burring attachment enables process monitoring without opening interlocked safety doors.

Model B

The Model B is still one of the fastest and cost-effective multi-spindle screws machines for manufacturing high volume parts.  Features of the Model B include:

  • Crank-charged stock feed length.
  • Fast non-cutting times: as low as 2/5 of a second.
  • Cross-slide and tool-arm adjustments located in the front.
  • Only one gear needs to move to change feeds.
  • High-speed loading attachment operated from the normal working position.
  • Chute to deliver completed parts.
  • Cross slides and rear tool arm possess rigidly mounted stop screws.
  • Feeding/operating levers located on the machine front, as well as an extra rear lever.
  • Extra sleeves can be installed to carry all cross slide and turret cams for the next job.

One-Inch Model B

The One-Inch Model B was developed to provide the speed and cost efficiency of the Standard Model B for part families with diameters too large for the standard work envelope of a Model B. Companies were forced to run these parts on larger, slower and more costly 6 spindle machines. The One-Inch Model B works with full one-inch diameter parts so your company can supply more market segments and develop new profit channels. This machine has the same footprint as the Model B and is less than half the size of competitive one-inch capacity multi-spindle machines.

High Precision Chucker

High Precision Chucker is a versatile high production machine for secondary operations. Machine finishing of high volume, intricate components is more efficient and less costly than competitive methods. The features of this machine include:

  • Accuracy
  • Rigidity
  • Thermal stability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Endurance
  • Reduced operational costs

Our Machine Expertise

Davenport Machine was founded more than a century ago with a mandate to put the customer first. This mandate remains clear as we continue to develop and deliver machines that are faster, more eco-friendly, and require less training and investment than our competitors in our global marketplace.

Davenport Machine is known worldwide for providing five-spindle screw machines that are the fastest, most versatile, multi-spindle bar machines available. We help our customers compete by reducing setup time and exploring more efficient ways to run parts on a Davenport. For your convenience, we offer a variety of machines that meet most production needs.

We can manufacture revolving and stationary heads up to 0.04-inch over the original dimension and a High Precision Head with index repeatability of 0.0006-inch. If you are considering remanufacturing your screw machine, our state-of-the-art facilities are unmatched. Our rebuild process is geared to meet all of your rebuilding needs. We look forward to helping your business move smoothly and profitably into the future. Please contact us with questions or quote requests.