Davenport Hybrid Machine

The Davenport Hybrid Machine offers users precision, flexibility, and affordability in their manufacturing efforts. Simpler setups, faster cycle times, and a conventional Computer Numerical Control (CNC) interface make it easy to integrate the Davenport Hybrid Machine into virtually any workflow. This five-spindle lathes ability to hold tight tolerances with exceptional accuracy has been proven via rigorous testing.

Clients who utilize the Davenport Hybrid Machine can leverage capabilities such as:

Hybrid Applications

Davenport Hybrid Machine Features

The Hybrid Machine takes the best mechanical features of Davenport’s screw machines and integrates them seamlessly with the precision provided by advanced CNC technology. Features of this multi-spindle screw machine include:

Revolving Head & Spindles on Bearings

The Hybrid Machine’s revolving head and spindles are mounted on preloaded, angular contact ball bearings. This provides exceptional accuracy and ensures consistent spindle positioning. This configuration does not require thrust ring adjustments or endplay, facilitating improved length control and reduced friction and wear. As a result, the Hybrid Machine boasts a longer than average service life.

Innovative Modular Tool System

We elected to integrate new tool holders into our Hybrid Machine to ensure ease of use for operators. The Davenport Hybrid Machine features a first- and second-position rigid dovetail interface. Our setup ensures that all positions are high-pressure coolant ready and features a carbide insert for form, skive, profiling, and cutoff. Our rigid dovetail interface also allows for a fully adjustable center height and taper. Clients may leverage the capability of the adjustable stop for tool positioning. End working spindles now utilize QCT (quick change) tool holders. Allowing for faster tool changes and pre-setting to be done outside the machine, optimizing set-up time.

Expanded Back Working Capabilities

The Hybrid Machine utilizes a fully CNC controlled back working axis. The back working station allows for 3 live tools to be mounted for various applications. Including, rigid tapping, single point turning or threading, drilling, spot drilling etc. The back working spindle also boasts the ability to provide 3 axis machining capabilities. Including milling and flat generation, cross-drilling etc.

CNC Cross Slides

All cross slides on the Davenport Hybrid ride on the highest quality, and most rigid linear rails and ball screws available on the market. By utilizing this technology, the Hybrid is able to consistently hold form tolerances on diameters better than 0.0005”, without the use of shave tools. The addition of 2 and 3 axis slide options in multiple positions, allow for unmatched machining flexibility and precision for cross-drilling, milling, rigid tapping, cross-tapping, profile turning, single point threading and boring operations.

Short Indexing Time

The Hybrid Machine boasts a revolving head index time as short as 0.4 seconds. The Hybrid Machine’s expanded capabilities are not substituted for speed; the Hybrid still provides the fastest head index in the industry.

New Machine Base

Our new and improved machine base has doubled the volume of coolant that the Hybrid Machine can hold. The machine’s mass increased by approximately 25%—roughly 2000 pounds. Integrated structural supports also help improve rigidity.

Now Offering: IEMCA NEXT 25 Bar Loader

The Next 25 Bar Loader does not retract remnant, allowing for faster load speeds and shorter remnants. Reducing the material waste seen with other bar feeders. The IEMCA Bar Loader has shown productivity increases of 12%-25%. For example, in an 8 ½ hour run on the Hybrid Machine equipped with a loader outproduced what a manually loaded machine did in 10 hours. Longer runs, un-attended!

Five-Spindle Screw Machine Capabilities

Multi-spindle screw machines are a variety of turning machine. They allow manufacturers to fabricate products quickly as they utilize multiple tools to cut numerous pieces of material simultaneously. The process relies on multiple spindles carried in a precision-machined drum, which typically rotate in a horizontal orientation.

The process conducts multiple operations in each rotation of the drum and each complete rotation produces a part. This results in an exceptionally efficient process. At Davenport Machine, our multi-spindle screw machine capabilities include:

Partnering with Davenport for Your Machining Needs

At Davenport Machine, we’ve worked for more than 130 years to position ourselves as an ideal provider of precision machining equipment. Our machines offer faster operations, a smaller footprint, and greater ROI than virtually any competing product. Contact us today or request a quote to find out more about the cost-effective and efficient Davenport Hybrid Machine.
Feature Highlights
Superior Size Control
Improved Process Capability
Fewer Outliers
Tighter Bell Curves
Higher CpKs
Lower PPM Defect Rates
Indexing Time
Revolving Head Index Time – As short as 0.4 secs
Size Capacities
Diameter – 7/8” (22mm) round 3/4” (19mm) Hex
Length – Up to 4” (101 mm)
Independent Spindle Size
Each spindle can be independently, electronically adjusted for size
“One-Touch” feature adjusts tool wear size for all spindles
1st & 2nd Position CNC Driven Slides
Servo driven ball screws
Improved rigidity
Slides on Linear Rails
No cams or linkages
Independent tool offsets
Redesigned Bed Casting
Longer work zone
Improved Rigidity
4th Position 2-Axis CNC Slide
Single Point Turning
2D Contours
Angular Undercuts
3-Axis Multipurpose CNC Slide
Rigid tapping
Profile turning
Single point threading and boring operations