The Model B is the most profitable multi-spindle automatic screw machine available.

With a Davenport’s Model B, less time is required to manufacture parts because setup is simplified and operating time is minimal.

The Model B comes equipped with Threading, 5th Position Burring Attachment, Countersink Attachment, Centerdrive, Chip Conveyor, Motor, Electrics, Stock Reel with Cover, and Noisetamer Sound Enclosure. When purchased with a Cucchi Automatic Loader the machine will be configured as above less Stock Reel, Stock Reel Cover and Stock Depletion Sensor. Cucchi Automatic Loader priced upon request.

  • Features
    • Oversize or Regular Capacity
    • Cycle Index 75, 60, or 45 Cycle
    • Disc Style Threading Attachment
    • 5th Position Stationary Head Burring Attachment
    • 5th Position Countersink Attachment
    • 10 Hp Main Drive Motor
    • Electrics (Please specify voltage required)
    • Motorized Bijur System
    • Barrel Chucking
    • Center Drive with Standard Gear
    • Double Action Chip Conveyor
    • 1st and 2nd Position Tool Posts and Cross Slides
    • 3rd Position Swing Arm
    • Optional 3rd Position Cross Slide Available at Additional Cost
    • 5th Position Swing Arm
    • Stock Depletion Sensor
    • DeClutch & Brake Mechanism (optional)
    • Stock Reel for 12 Foot Long Bar Stock
    • Stock Reel Cover
    • Noisetamer Complete (optional)

    Considering a remanufacture? Let Davenport do the job! Model B rebuilds include new:

    • 5th Position Stationary Head Burring Attachment
    • Stationary Head
    • Revolving Head
    • Inner and Outer Revolving Spindles with Bronze Bearings
    • Ball Bearing Feed Tube Assemblies
    • Chuck Slides
    • Ring Gear
    • Barrel Chucking on Work Spindles, Burring Spindles, High-speed Clutch, and Starting Clutch
    • 1st and 2nd Position Cross Slides using CJWinter 132 EG Reversible Slides
    • Stationary Tool Spindles and Boxes
    • Main Bearings and Bushings
    • Lubrication System with Motorized Pump
  • Tech Specs


    Regular capacity of feed tubes 9/16" round, 1/2" hexagon and 3/8" square. Special feed tubes with feed fingers soldered in can be furnished to take a stock up to 5/8" round, 9/16" hexagon and 7/16" square
    Longest length fed 3"
    Longest length turned 2 1/2"
    Number of changes of spindle speeds 27
    Range of spindle speeds 500 - 4,500 RPM
    Number of changes of feeds 60
    Range of feed gears .8 - 18.4 seconds


    Driving shaft 1,500 RPM
    Hand wheel shaft 750 RPM
    Indexing head, feeding stock, etc. 4/10 second constant

    When cutting steel the threading spindle revolves in the same direction as the work spindle at a ratio of 3 to 4 while threading tool is running to work and 3 to 2 while running off.

    When threading on brass work the threading spindle is stopped when tool is running on but revolves twice the speed of the work spindle to run off.
    First feed change gear shaft 200
    Ratio of worm and wheel 60 to 6

    Size of Equipment

    Diameter of circular tools 2"
    Diameter of hole in tool spindle 3/4"
    Outside diameter of tool spindle 1 3/8"
    Least distance between chuck and tool spindle 2 1/8"
    Greatest distance between chuck and tool spindle 4 13/16"
    Diameter of long feed cams 7 1/2"
    Diameter of cross feed cams 6"
    Thickness of cams 3/8"


    Chucks and feed fingers 5 each
    Cams 9
    Spindle change gears 2
    Feed change gears 1
    Threading gears 2
    Set of wrenches and screwdrivers 1

    Motor Drive

    Machine designed for motor drive 10 H.P., 1,800 RPM. Motor and all electrical controls are extra.

    Floor Space

    39" x 61". Distance from top spindle to floor is 44 1/2".

    Model B - Oversize

    Same equipment as above but with oversize spindles and feed tubes to take the stock up to 13/16" round, 11/16" hexagon and 9/16" square. Special one piece feed tube and feed finger can be furnished to take stock up to 7/8" round, 3/4" hexagon and 19/32" square.

    Dimensions and Weight

      Machine Wire Case Carrier
    Size crate 60" W x 112" L x 96" H 124" x 12" x 12"
    Net weight 3,600 lbs (domestic or foreign) 175 lbs (domestic or foreign)
    Gross weight 3,800 lbs (domestic / crated)
    4,000 lbs (foreign / boxed)
    225 lbs (domestic / crated)
    225 lbs (foreign / boxed)


    Machine Tool Builders Association Standard Gray
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    A vast array of precision attachments offers more flexibility. Learn why the Model B gets the job done smoother, faster and more profitable.

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