No other machine has produced more in the fastener industry than the Davenport.

It is the most common machine used in major fastener houses around the world. Set screws, cap screws, square head screws, hex head bolts, self locking nuts, and quarter release fasteners are manufactured on Davenports at unprecedented rates.

The diverse array of the fasteners shown are a shaft connector, used in the operation of outboard motors; a fishing pole nut, used to connect the fishing reel to the fishing pole; and the Dzus fastener, a key element in removable panels. Versatile attachments allow threading or tapping in any position. The rotary slotting attachment is used to cut a single slot, and when teamed with the revinloc attachment, it can saw multiple slots as seen in the hex flexloc nut.

The revinloc attachment, when used with a broaching spindle, produces the hollow hex in cap and set screws.