The Davenport HP is the screw machine of choice for hundreds of manufacturers worldwide requiring increased productivity in small parts manufacturing.

Davenport HP owners can now meet global production level demands with the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the Davenport HP machine.

The Davenport HP is the ideal machine for long or short runs of small parts and is now equipped with new features for improved quality and increased accuracy.

A powerful PLC controller offers shorter set-up times and allows operators to concentrate on producing parts rather than making adjustments.

  • Features
    • Comes standard with High-Precision HP Head.
    • Faster return on investment due to low machine cost
    • Fastest cycle times with index times as fast as 0.3 seconds and programmable index points.
    • More up-time, less maintenance parts
    • Easy set-up with full enclosure front and back sliding doors
    • Spindle speeds infinitely variable from 0-3800 RPM
    • Servo Threading attachment standard
    • Simple Servo motion control has up to 6 axes of control and stores 100 job summaries on board with the ability to import/export to USB memory card
    • Operator training reduced to a matter of days
    • Optional web server provides remote machine monitoring
    • Optional Servo Burring and 2-Position Back Working attachments eliminate many secondary operations

    The Davenport HP operates with a simple PLC-based control and multiple Servo drive systems that eliminate over 150 parts from the original, mechanical Model B machine. The results are reduced set-up times and higher production rates.

    • Up to 6 axes of control
    • Stores 100 job summaries on board with ability to import/export to USB memory card
    • Easy to learn
    • Optional web server for remote monitoring
  • Tech Specs


    Bar Capacity (maximum) 0.875 inch (22.2 mm) round
    0.750 inch (19.1 mm) hex
    0.625 inch (15.9 mm) square
    Spindle Pickoff and Deburring Yes
    Bar Capacity (minimum) 0.187 inch (4.8 mm) Spindle Capacity Diameter Pick-Off (maximum) 0.875 inch (22.2 mm)
    Turning Length (max.) 3.0 inches (76.2 mm) Number of Tools Servicing Pick-Off Spindle 1 (2 with Two-Position Backworking Option)
    Stock Depletion Sensor Yes Tooling Positions 9 (Plus Attachments)
    Burring Spindle Sensing Mechanism Yes Spindle Indexing Time 0.3 seconds minimum variable
    Number of Main Work Spindles 5 Control Make and Model Davenport Controller
    Main Spindle Speed Range 0 - 3,800 rpm Shop Air Pressure 90 psi (Option Dependant) ( up to 20 cfm)
    Number of Independent Longitudinal Tool Stations 5 Total Power Requirement 24,000 Watts
    Cross Slides 2 Clear Area Required for Installation 20'L (609.6cm)
    x 15'W (457.2cm)
    x 10'H (304.8cm)
    Tool Arms 2    

    Weight & Length Information

    Machine Weight - 6,100# 9'4"L (284.48cm)
    x 4'6"W (137.16cm)
    x 8'10"H (269.24cm)
    Cucchi Bar Loader Weight - 4,000# 18'L (548.64cm)
    x 2'9"W (83.82cm)
    x 4'1"H (124.46cm)
    Stock Carrier Cover weight - 250# 8'6"L (259.08cm)
    x 19"W (48.26cm)
    x 21"H (53.34cm)
    Stock Carrier Weight - 225# 10'4"L (314.96cm) x
    11-1/2"W (29.21cm)
    x 11-/2"H (29.21cm)
    Transformer (if required) weight - 325# 16"L (40.64cm)
    x 28"W (71.12cm)
    x 32"H (81.28 cm)
    Controls Package - 1200# 60"L (152.4cm)
    x 60"W (152.4cm)
    x 60"H (152.4cm)

    Constant Low Pressure Lubricator #SB-2446-1 (Ways and Servo Motors)

    Required Lubricant Mobil Vactra (Heavy)
    Reservoir Capacity 8 liters
    Lube Pump Output 100 cc/min.
    Pressure Setting 25-30 psi
    System Voltage 480 V, 50/60Hz 3 Phase, 50 Amp
  • Literature

    The Davenport HP Library

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