For over 100 years, Davenport screw machines have been the most efficient method for producing high-volume parts. Today, we are still known worldwide for our five-spindle screw machines that are by far the fastest, most versatile multi-spindle bar machines on the market.

Our goal has always been to help our customers compete by reducing setup time and finding better ways to run parts on a Davenport. Click on the machines below to learn more about their features and specifications.

Machine Heads

With oversize head blanks in stock, we can manufacture revolving and stationary heads to your specifications up to .035″ over the original dimension. Davenport Machine now also offers the High Precision (HP) head that delivers index repeatability to within 0.0006″.


This is not your grandfather’s garage-shop rebuild: Davenport’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are unmatched in the rebuilding industry. If you’re considering remanufacturing your screw machine, learn about our rebuild process.