Davenport Machine introduces a new dimension of accuracy and repeatability for your Model B and Davenport HP machines: the HP Head.

By redesigning and improving the manufacturing process for the revolving head and the five integral spindles, Davenport introduces the new High Precision (HP) Head. Now standard on the Davenport HP, the new design stiffens the machine revolving spindles by replacing bronze or needle bearings with ABEC 9 angular contact radial bearings. This improvement now delivers spindle run-out consistently less than 0.0005″.


While the revolving head has remained consistent in its design, the manufacturing process has been upgraded to produce a more precise part. The result is a head that provides index repeatability to within 0.0006″.

  • Features

    The New Davenport HP Head Provides:

    • Increased spindle rigidity
    • Improved part diameter accuracy
    • Improved surface finishes
    • Improved part roundness
    • Less part taper and deflection
    • Substantially increased spindle life
    • Improved spindle index repeatability
    • Improved spindle run-out
    • Wear resistant coating that reduces galling and increases revolving head life
    • Positive pressure constant lubrication
  • FAQs

    FAQs about the High-Precision Head

    Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the HP head, including details about accuracy, rigidity and cost information.

    Free Resource:  Frequently Asked Questions - HP Head

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