Oversize Heads

Davenport Oversized Heads

Davenport offers oversize revolving and stationary heads manufactured to your specified dimensions.

Davenport inspects all heads with the latest state-of-the-art metrology equipment, certifying that every head meets customer and OEM specifications.

Tech Tips

How to Check Locating Blocks for Uniform Location

Get a step-to-step guide on checking the locating blocks on the revolving head for block-to-block uniform location without removing the revolving head from the machine.

Greatly reduced galling and pick up on the bearing bands due to dissimilar metal interfaces – indexing the revolving head no longer runs a cast iron head on a cast iron bed
Extended life and accuracy of the Davenport Model B or Davenport HP
Testing Runs:
No visible or measurable wear on hard-coated heads after producing over 1 million parts in testing run on customer’s machines
Test machine has NO SIGNS OF WEAR on the scraped bores, with the original oil-distribution scores of the scraping bar still evident on 100% of the bore.
No burnishing of high spots was evident at any point in the bores
The head and machine bed looked like the day they were assembled. With good spindles, the machine can make parts as accurately as the first day of operation!