Davenport Machine Announces Completion of Building Renovation

Davenport Machine is pleased to announce that it has completed a major building renovation program. With assistance from New York State, Monroe County, the City of Rochester and RG&E, Davenport and its parent, Brinkman International Group, Inc., have spent in excess of $2 million upgrading the plant since it was purchased out of bankruptcy in March 2003.

In addition to the $1 million spent in general building maintenance and repairs at the time the assets were purchased, over $1.5 million has been spent in the most recent phase of improvements to upgrade equipment and mechanicals.

Particularly noteworthy is that for the first time in nearly 100 years, Davenport’s manufacturing operations are now fully air-conditioned, just in time for the heat wave. Over 150 tons of air conditioning capacity was added, which required replacing the existing electrical transformer with a 1,000 Kva transformer, doubling its original size.

According to Robert J. Brinkman, Chief Executive Officer and owner of Davenport’s parent company, good working conditions are the key to productivity and success for the over 100 employees. “My belief is that good employees are our greatest asset. At Davenport Machine we go to great lengths to make sure all employees are treated fairly, have excellent benefits and good working conditions” said Mr. Brinkman.

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