What’s New at Davenport Machine?

If you haven’t recently visited our website, you probably weren’t aware of the numerous innovations coming out of Davenport Machine.  Innovation is vital in our industry. It gives our team the chance to answer your pain points, while driving up your sales, and driving down your lead times.  Here’s a partial list of the most significant developments.

Development of the next generation Hybrid Machine

  • Ability to hold diametrical features to within 0.0005.
  • Revolving head index time as short as 0.25 sec.
  • 1st and 2nd position CNC driven slides.
  • 3rd and 5th position CNC driven swing arms.
  • 4th position 2-axis CNC slide.

Development of the High Precision Chucker

  • Davenport Machine and Marroquin Industries (MIC) are proud to announce the introduction of the new High Precision Chucker. Utilizing innovations from MIC, along with elements from Davenport’s High Precision Head, we are now able to offer the precision and durability of the HP Head in the new High Precision Chucker.

Development of the One Inch Model B

  • The larger capacity allows Davenport users to manufacture parts in a highly profitable market segment, typically relegated to larger, slower & more costly machines.
  • Can feed a full 1.00” bar through a standard bar feeding mechanism, eliminating the need for an air-feed attachment
  • The vast majority of Davenport tools & attachments can be used on this machine. A One Inch ready tool package is available to meet any other requirements.

Development of Next Generation High Precision (HP) Head

  • Higher Quality/Reduced Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) – shops currently averaging <100 DPPM for product being produced on a standard 8-SA Head, have seen that number lowered to <50 DPPM on product being produced on an HP Head
  • Higher Productivity – shops have found upwards of 10% efficiency gains running an HP Head v. 8-SA Head. The advanced head reduces errors and variances, requiring less tool adjustments, less tool changes, longer tool life and less downtime overall.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – annual maintenance costs for an 8-SA Head can exceed $2,000, while annual maintenance for the HP Head is $500 (amortized). Also, machines equipped with the HP Head use approximately 40% less lube oil.
  • Ability to Run Tougher Materials – materials such as A286, 455 Stainless and L605 can be successfully run on Davenport machines equipped with an HP Head.

New User Friendly Davenport Website Featuring:

  • Brochures available on our newest machines
  • New Tech Tips and Engineering Bulletins readily available to help keep your machines running at peak efficiency, while keeping costs at a minimum.
  • Updated Catalogs and Manuals
  • Data and Specs for all of Davenport’s attachments
  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) brochures for our newest machines and parts

No-Hassle Return Policy on Parts

  • If you are dissatisfied with a Davenport OEM part, for any reason, we will refund or exchange it via Next Day shipping with:
  • No Questions
  • No Purchase Order
  • No Additional Shipping Charge

Coming Soon:  New State-of-the-Art Training Facility

Davenport & CJWinter Attending PMPA National Technical Conference 2018

Davenport & CJWinter  are excited to announce that they will be attending the 2018 PMPA National Technical Conference from April 21-24 in Rosemont, IL.

We will join other technical and quality leaders from across the country to exhibit the latest technology and machining capabilities used by precision machining shops today. Visit our booths #33 and #34 during the event and speak with our industry leading experts.

PMPA National Technical Conference

The theme for the 2018 PMPA National Technical Conference is, “Tomorrow is Today. Conquering the Skills Challenge” and it is a chance for team members within manufacturing to learn new technologies and management skills. The Technical Program Committee continues to improve this premier training and networking event for the precision machining industry.

This year’s conference will consist of learning and development sessions specifically targeted to three groups of personnel including, technical, quality and management. The track programming portion of the event will provide training and speakers from within industry.

Join Us At Our Booths!

Davenport & CJWinter   are not only attending this year’s conference, but exhibiting as well. We will be stationed at booths #33 and #34 where we have a few featured projects to discuss. Featured at the booth for CJWinter will be our 132EG Cross Slides, large diameter dies, and ER and Pneumatic attachments. Also featured at our booth, learn more about Davenport’s Hybrid Machine, High Precision Chucker, 1 inch machine. We will also be discussing and presenting the replacement of OEM attachment rolls and our how-to video series.

We are proud to participate in this annual conference hosted by the Precision Machined Products Association, an international association dedicated to representing the interests of the precision machine products industry.

Learn More

To learn more about the upcoming PMPA National Technical Conference or discuss CJWinter, or Davenport products and manufacturing services, reach out to our team. Want to set up a meeting with our experts at the event? Email us to set up an appointment today!

An Interview with Davenport’s Lead Design Engineer

In the world of manufacturing, cam-driven multi-spindle machines will always be an important part of part production. When it comes to high-volume orders and those less constrained tolerances, cam-driven is the answer.

But, as manufactured parts get smaller and technology grows more complex, we are also experiencing an industry-wide demand for tighter tolerances and more precise machining.  CNC-level accuracy is becoming a necessity during the machining process, and it is up to machine manufacturers to keep up with the demand.  We sat down with Davenport’s Lead engineer, Sandro Baltano, to discuss Davenport’s answer to the call for a more accurate, more capable machine: The Davenport Hybrid.

How does the Davenport Hybrid Machine answer the industry’s demand for CNC-level accuracy?

For parts made from 7/8 or smaller bars, there is no other machine in the marketplace that has the ability to create the same superior value, and return on investment proposition. From single point threading, to the flexibility and accuracy associated with both insert tooling and the CNC slides, the Hybrid provides unprecedented feature generation and control possibilities. From a financial standpoint, the benefits are obvious as well. The Davenport Hybrid’s cost of entry point is roughly 1/3 or less of what other production platforms cost to produce the same kind of output or less.

How has the Davenport Hybrid Machine’s precision capabilities evolved in comparison to previous generations of Davenport technologies?

Precision is paramount with the Hybrid. It is an exponentially more accurate machine on a production basis. As an illustration:

  • The Model B forms diametrical features to roughly .003” total tolerance.
  • The Servo B forms to roughly .0015” total tolerance.
  • The Hybrid can routinely form diameters less than .0005” total tolerance.

It’s no secret that a major concern in the industry right now is not having the proper talent to operate multi-spindle machines. What is Davenport doing to combat that issue?

We have heard the marketplace regarding the ability to attract younger workers and to make training them easier, as well as the need to reduce, if not eliminate, the “magic” or “art” often associated with running Davenports successfully.  Simply put, the Hybrid eliminates all cams on side-cutting tools.  The powerful digital controls ensure that set-ups are repeatable, faster and more predictable from operator to operator; dimensional requirements are achieved not through trial and feel, but through programming and digital offsets– all the while preserving the integrity and reliability of the machine’s mechanical foundation.  Art has been replaced by science and as a result, using a Davenport has never been easier.