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Davenport Hybrid Setup Time Reduction & Benefits

With a legacy spanning over 130 years, there is no question our company has seen tremendous change in manufacturing. In today’s ultra-competitive manufacturing world, time seems to always be of the essence.  Innovative Tooling System for the Hybrid CNC Platform With this in mind our team of engineers developed a

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Revolutionizing Precision Machining: Explore the Davenport Hybrid Machine Advanced Milling and Cross-Drilling Capabilities

Discover the revolutionary capabilities of the Davenport Hybrid Machine, a groundbreaking solution in the realm of multi-spindle CNC machines. Renowned for its adaptability, the Davenport Hybrid is your go-to for a broad range of milling and cross-drilling applications.  Our expert engineers have dedicated themselves to crafting the most versatile and

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Types and Advantages of CNC Machines (Computer Numerical Control)

A CNC Machine (Computer Numerical Control) is an electro-mechanical device that uses computer programming inputs to operate machine shop tools. CNC machining is one common way to create prototypes (the other method being 3D printing). While there are advantages to both, CNC machining is faster and stronger as it involves

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Understanding Machine Heads

To ensure optimal machine functioning and reliability, Davenport produces high-performing, long-lasting machine heads made right here in the United States. We manufacture both oversize and high-precision (HP) heads, built to provide exceptional accuracy. Davenport’s new HP heads improve upon our original revolving head design, featuring a more rigid spindle to

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How Multi-Spindle Screw Machines Work

Basics of Multi-Spindle Screw Machines A multi-spindle screw machine is a type of lathe with more than one working spindle. Each spindle holds its own individual workpiece, with one or more opposing cutting tools to complete various machining operations. These spindles are contained inside of a revolving drum (see example

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Transitioning to the Hybrid Machine From Existing Machine Setups

The Davenport Hybrid Machine: CNC Precision and Efficiency, Higher ROI The Hybrid is the next generation of five-spindle screw machines. It combines the reliability of Davenport’s classic machine platforms with the accuracy and flexibility of CNC machining. The Hybrid significantly boosts production output, improves ROIs and enhances part accuracy by

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Ryan Bavineau

Ryan Bavineau has been a key member of the Davenport team since 2023, specializing in advancing the Hybrid Machine product line. As a former Sales Engineer for a global leader in metrology solutions and a longstanding connection to the Brinkman International Group, his insights and expertise cultivates lasting customer relationships and propels forward-thinking solutions in the machinery sector.

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