Transitioning to the Hybrid Machine From Your Existing Machine Setups

The Davenport Hybrid Machine: CNC Precision and Efficiency, Higher ROI

The Hybrid is the next generation of five-spindle screw machines. It combines the reliability of Davenport’s classic machine platforms with the accuracy and flexibility of CNC machining.

The Hybrid significantly boosts production output, improves ROIs and enhances part accuracy by using new features like shorter index times, higher spindle speeds and full CNC side-working tools.

The Hybrid’s Game-Changing Design

  • Reliable CNC accuracy and flexibility
  • Bearing supported Revolving Head
  • Signature Davenport HP spindle design
  • 6,000 RPM main spindle speed (62% faster than last-generation)

The Hybrid Difference

The Hybrid is engineered to hold tolerances 5 times tighter than our last-generation, HP machine. A direct answer to the precision offered by single-spindle CNC and Swiss lathes, the Hybrid boasts higher production speeds than any multi-spindle screw machine on the market, while simultaneously delivering the accuracy required by today’s demanding production parts.

The Hybrid utilizes advanced features to deliver accurate parts at unrivaled production rates.  Every side-working tool is CNC controlled, for cam-less motion, digital size control, ease of use and accuracy.

High-pressure coolant, an extended work zone, new conveyor and redesigned pan allow for more efficient chip management with less operator intervention and machine downtime.

Making the Transition

For existing Davenport users, almost all Davenport mechanical attachments are reverse-compatible with the Hybrid, however many will no longer be required thanks to the Hybrid’s sophisticated electronic options.

The Hybrid’s modular CNC slides can accommodate not just your legacy Davenport tooling, but also a variety of CNC stick tools, and tools from competing for multi-spindle brands.

With floor-space at a premium, the compact Hybrid machine can’t be beaten.  It’s nearly half the footprint of other multi-spindle screw machines in its class.

And with the Hybrid’s fast production rates, it can replace a half-dozen single spindle lathes, at a fraction of the cost, space, and labor.  The Hybrid can significantly increase your plant’s output without adding infrastructure or overhead.

Learn More

Our team is currently welcoming your most challenging part prints for evaluation.  To learn more about this cutting-edge machine and why we’re so excited to introduce it, download the comprehensive product brochure, or reach out to Davenport directly to speak with an expert.

Download Your   Davenport Hybrid Concept Machine - FAQs Now

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