Hybrid Machine – Updates/Upgrades

The Davenport Hybrid Machine – Part 3: Digital Size Control

Now that we’ve improved the two fundamentals of multi-spindle production, being able to place the part repeatedly in the same position at every index, and being able to deliver the cutting edge to the same point every time, we can leverage some of this machine’s unique CNC abilities to deliver

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The Davenport Hybrid Machine – Part 2: Design Enhancements

The new Davenport HYBRID is the future of Davenport Multi-Spindle machine tool technology. It incorporates the best of the mechanical versatility you would come to expect from Davenport, and adds to it the CNC Technology you need to address today’s most difficult manufacturing challenges.

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Transitioning to the Hybrid Machine From Existing Machine Setups

The Davenport Hybrid Machine: CNC Precision and Efficiency, Higher ROI The Hybrid is the next generation of five-spindle screw machines. It combines the reliability of Davenport’s classic machine platforms with the accuracy and flexibility of CNC machining. The Hybrid significantly boosts production output, improves ROIs and enhances part accuracy by

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Ryan Bavineau

Ryan Bavineau has been a key member of the Davenport team since 2023, specializing in advancing the Hybrid Machine product line. As a former Sales Engineer for a global leader in metrology solutions and a longstanding connection to the Brinkman International Group, his insights and expertise cultivates lasting customer relationships and propels forward-thinking solutions in the machinery sector.

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