The Davenport Hybrid Machine – Part 1: Solutions & Goal Driven Change

The new Davenport HYBRID is the next generation of Davenport Multi-Spindle machine tool technology. It incorporates the best of the mechanical versatility you have come to expect from Davenport, and adds to it the CNC Technology you need to address today’s most difficult manufacturing challenges.

The HYBRID is a super-precise machine platform.  It leverages the power of an intuitive CNC interface to make operation and set-ups easier than ever. With digital size control, CNC single point threading and turning capabilities, the HYBRID can hold tolerances never before produced on a Davenport.  It does so while delivering a superior Return On Investment for your capital equipment dollars.


The Davenport HYBRID was developed specifically to address, and provide answers to some of the industry’s toughest challenges.

  • Tougher Materials – aerospace alloys, stainless steels, high strength pre-hardened steels
  • Tighter Tolerances – increasingly tight part requirements, along with tougher to machine materials, have pushed many cam-operated machines beyond their capabilities to consistently produce parts made within the print requirements
  • Smaller Job Sizes – require more frequent machine changeovers, that must be done quickly and efficiently, or risk eroding profits, or worse, creating losses
  • Changing Workforce – experienced operators retiring at a rapid rate are being replaced by a new generation of operators starting out with an entirely different skillset. With reduced in-house training programs, and demands to shorten the learning curve for new operators, companies are faced with a real problem

The Davenport HYBRID brings real solutions to these pressing issues.

Goal Driven Design

Our design philosophy started with identifying the end goal. In this case, increasing profitability and productivity for our customers. With that in mind, we started on a multi-year effort to evaluate each and every system on our machine for performance, and identify where we could make mechanical improvements. We then targeted the application of CNC technology, and state-of-the-art motion control, to areas that would maximize the benefit without significantly increasing the cost or complexity. The HYBRID is an optimal blend of CNC and cam-operated mechanical motions. Many machine functions are still mechanical, because it is the most robust and cost effective means of making precision parts. Profits and productivity, thru innovation, has guided every HYBRID design decision, and that is what separates this machine from the competition.

Hybrid Design Machine Features Infographic
Take A Look At Our
Hybrid Design Machine Features Infographic


Next, check out Part 2 of the Hybrid Blog series, which covers “Design Choices.”

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