Safety Matters! Pneumatic Collet Latch System for Davenport Machines

The 5020-20-SA is a member of a series of parts designed to make functions of a traditional Davenport Machine more accessible from the outside of an enclosure. Increasingly strict safety standards require more operations to take place behind walls of enclosures and integrated door interlock systems to keep users safe. This collet latch system enables pneumatic control of part feed from the outside of the machine, and is an integral part to interlock systems. Commonly used with the door interlock system offered by Davenport, this assembly can also be used in addition to other interlock systems to clear the spindles in case of a fault. The 5020-20-SA includes cylinder bracket assembly, collet latch pneumatics package, and other hardware necessary to connect the unit to the electrical/pneumatic systems.

Key Features:

  • Pneumatic control enables part feed from machine exterior
  • The latch can be lifted to be able to clear out the spindles before stopping the machine.
  • Raising the latch can also be used to warm up the machine before running production.
  • Commonly used in conjunction with the door interlock kit to clear spindles in case of fault.

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