Safety Matters! Pneumatic Collet Chucking for Davenport Machines

The 1605-SA Pneumatic Collet Chucking unit is an update to the classic lever operated chucking mechanism. On machines equipped with pneumatic control systems, the addition of this unit can be a great way to improve the user experience and remove a possible source of error. On standard lever actuated chucking mechanism, operators have to hit the lever repetitively throughout the course of a job to load bars and set collet tension. The pneumatic system can be used to open/close the collet during bar loads to lessen operator fatigue, and remove a means of direct operator to machine interaction. The use of pneumatics allows for easy pushbutton operation as opposed to repeatedly hitting the lever open or closed. The 1605-SA includes mounts, modified lever, control valve assembly, and other necessary hardware to connect the unit to the electrical/pneumatic systems.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates need to manually close chuck, switches action from lever to push button.
  • Improves setup time and minimizes recurring problems

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