CJ Winter and Davenport Offer Quick Change Tooling Products for Davenport HP and Model B Machines

CJWinter Machine Technologies and Davenport Machine collaborate to offer a new revolutionary, patent-pending QCT Quick Change Tooling package for Davenport Davenport HP and Model B machines.

davenport machine accessories NEW Quick Change Tooling, QCT, takes changeover of side-working and end-working tools on the Davenport from hours to minutes! The NEW QCT package eliminates time-consuming adjustments and changing of tools. With this patented design, tool changeover on a Davenport has never been this simple and easy – a substantial savings of time and money!

The new family of Quick Change Tooling is the next revolutionary change to the Davenport. This substantial reduction in set-up time means less labor, faster turnout of parts, and easier training.

The family of QCT tooling includes:

Form Tools

1st and 2nd position Form Tool holders have a common dovetail design and are available in 5 or 10 degree clamp angles. Top bolts maintain the taper even when the block assembly is removed from the adapter plate for changes. This tool allows a finer taper adjustment by using a 40 TPI thread.

Shave Tools

The Model 111 Shave Tool can be mounted in multiple positions. Two roll brackets come standard for inboard or center roll positions. Each covers the entire range of diameters. The zero clearance matched assembly means a more rigid running mechanism and virtually eliminates chatter. Low height offers more room in the work envelope and minimizes interference with the adjacent tooling. Micro Taper adjustments can be made within .0001”; remove the tool without losing the taper.

Tool Spindles

Patented thread configuration allows for easy locating, installation and removal, in less than one turn. Spindle length has been reduced by 1.10 inches to allow for more room inside the machine, making tool changes simple and allowing for longer parts.

Drill and Tap Holders are designed for easy use with QCT tool spindles. Assembly height is .641 inches versus standard drill holders which require 1.75 inches. An Adjustable Drill Holder has a floating front plate, making drill adjustments simple, especially on older machines where alignment can be difficult. The collet style holder can be used for revolving and tapping needs.

QCT Slides and Adapter Plates

The QCT full-width adapter plate allows tool changes in a matter of minutes. Leave the plates attached to your machine and simply slide new dovetail QCT form and shave tools on and off. A locking gib allows for a quick change and secure locking of the entire tool and block assembly.

Pre-Set Fixtures

The New QCT Pre-set Fixture gives set-up personnel the option of setting tool changes off the machine, while the machine is running. Set tool position, tool height, and taper while running another job. This means increased efficiency and less down time!

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