Safety Matters! Improvements Made to Machine Enclosure with Door Interlocks

The Davenport Screw Machine enclosure has recently undergone a variety of improvements to enhance the overall user experience, as well as to bring the machine into compliance with modern safety standards.  With improved noise abatement and the addition of the door interlock system, the enclosure now offers a safer, code compliant working environment for the operator. Other changes to lighting, visibility and the wiring layout combine to add value to what is now standard for many new enclosure configurations. New HP machines come standard with the door interlock system and updated enclosure. Machines with enclosure model DSM-2000 and newer are compatible with the interlock system. If the enclosure model is DSM-85 or DSM 90 XL, it will require an enclosure upgrade to use interlocks. Depending on machine configuration, the interlock system may need auxiliary components in order to work properly.

Key Benefits of an Updated Enclosure, and Door Interlocks:

  • LED light upgrade, with more protection for lighting and longer working life
  • Large windows in 4 doors is standard in new enclosures, for better machine visibility
  •  Improved noise abatement to meet OSHA requirements
  • Electrical wiring is routed through opening on top of the enclosure to eliminate oil running down the wires onto the floor, as it was in older models
  • The door interlock system gives the operator a more safe and effective use of the machine, without any compromise in functionality
  • Interlock system allows the machine to run automatically with all doors closed
  • The Interlock system allows for a jog only condition while doors are open
  • The Interlock system brings guarding and safety features into alignment with updated workplace safety standards
  • When a new enclosure is purchased with interlocks, most integration can be done in our Rochester, NY facility to minimize installation time.  New machine controls may be required and can be integrated into the enclosure as well.

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