Davenport Machine: 2023 Year in Review


2023 has marked a very busy year and new growth for Davenport Machine. With several enhancements to the Hybrid Machine and record interest in the platform, we would like to thank our team for their continued pursuit of innovation and customer service. Moreover, we extend our gratitude to our customers – without their support, our success wouldn’t be possible.

Enhanced Hybrid Machine Flexibility and Functionality

The Hybrid Machine is reaching new heights due to enhancements and an expanded attachment offering. Perhaps the biggest addition to the Hybrid Machine is its 3-axis, multi-purpose slide. Offering customers superior flexibility and functionality versus a traditional swing-arm configuration, the ability to mill, cross-drill, and cross-tap are made easier and more adjustable than ever before. The dual-spindle milling head allows for a multitude of tooling combinations. The 3-axis slide’s dovetail mounting interface also allows turning tools to be mounted for additional profile turning flexibility, resulting in exceptional versatility and the ability to handle more complex parts in the toughest alloys.

Automation and Lights-Out Machining for Increased Productivity

In an effort to offer more automation and lights-out machining potential, Davenport worked with Bucci Industries to introduce the IEMCA NEXT 25 bar loader for use with the Hybrid Machine. Customers asked us for a reliable, straight-forward way to increase the productivity of their Davenport Machines, and the IEMCA NEXT 25 answers that request. Without retracting remnants, the IEMCA NEXT 25 is able to achieve fast load times with less material waste. Although individual results will vary, use of bar-loading technology in conjunction with the Davenport Machine increases machining efficiencies significantly.

Noise Reduction, Improved Stability and Performance

On the noise front, 2023 marked significant progress for Davenport Machine as well. Through the design and implementation of a modified gear configuration, the Hybrid Machine was made considerably quieter. By extension, the new gear design also resulted in less vibration generation, which has translated into a more stable machining platform, and better performance for our customers.

Enhanced Setup Functionality

In keeping with enhanced performance, Davenport has also modified the traditional Hybrid Machine setup functionality to include a new federate override feature. This feature allows Hybrid Machine users to slow their speeds and feeds while proving out setups, thereby allowing the operator more accuracy and control while dialing in tooling positions.

Collet-Closing Assist

For those whose hands prefer collet-closing assistance, Davenport is now equipping its Hybrid Machines with collet-closing assist. Allowing operators to pneumatically open and close collets, this enhancement reduces physical forces on an operator’s hands.

Participation in PMTS Tool Show

Aside from machine enhancements, 2023 marked another year of the PMTS tool show in Cleveland, Ohio. The PMPA always does a fantastic job of setting up the event and allowing companies in our industry to showcase their latest and greatest achievements. The show is productive for the team at Davenport, and we appreciate the opportunity to form new partnerships and seek out new markets.

Appreciation for Opportunities

As this year comes to a close, we are excited for what lies ahead. In fact, 2024 marks our 130th year in continuous operation, a milestone we are sure would make the company’s namesake founder, and all who have participated in making Davenport Machine what it is today, very proud!

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