High Precision Chucker Brings Versatility to Secondary Machining

Secondary operations can often be time-consuming and cost prohibitive. Many shops invest in expensive CNC lathes to get the precision finishes they need on detailed components and parts, while others try to accomplish the same precision with older machines at slower speeds. Neither is an ideal solution for larger production runs or rush orders.

Fortunately, a reliable alternative is now here. The new High Precision Chucker marries the latest innovations from Marroquin Industries (MIC) with the precision and durability of Davenport Machine’s High Precision (HP) Head. Backed by MIC’s  cutting-edge automated chucking technology and Davenport’s state-of-the-art HP equipment, it brings a new level of efficiency and affordability to finishing operations.

Bringing Efficiency to Secondary Operations

While finish machining can often be a tedious and expensive process, the High Precision Chucker gives users the ability to detail intricate components at a high volume. This speed and precision drives significant cost savings, yielding a measurable positive impact on the bottom line and enabling users to dramatically lower their production costs.

The High Precision Chucker can be used in concert with Davenport bar machines, forgings, cold headings, or castings. Thanks to our HP Head technology, it delivers a level of part accuracy and repeatability similar to a CNC Lathe. The HP Head also offers thermal stability, tighter tolerances, and long-lasting durability well beyond that of competing heads.

Benefits of the High Precision Chucker

Along with the HP Head, the High Precision Chucker features the latest in mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic functions from MIC, an industry leader in chucker technology. The primary features and benefits include:

  • Automation
  • Automatic feeder system
  • Finished product transported out of machine automatically
  • Lube conservation timer
  • Automatic brake release
  • Head lube pulse timer
  • Integrated parts counter
  • HMI control of pneumatic system

Some industries can get by with “good enough” parts, but in many sectors, accuracy is the key to success. The High Precision Chucker is ideal for industries that need to push a high volume of parts and components without sacrificing precision, including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • General industrial
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Defense
  • Energy


Whether you need to produce precisely finished parts at a high volume or simply want to finish components with better equipment, it might be time to consider the latest development in chuckers. If you’d like to learn how the High Precision Chucker can transform your finishing strategies, click here to download our brochure.

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