New Davenport HPO Offers High Precision Orientation

For over 100 years the Davenport Machine has evolved into the most versatile multi-spindle machine on the market today. With the development of the New Davenport HPO Attachment, we have another 100 years of innovation in the making!

The New Davenport HPO Attachment has the flexibility to eliminate the need for two of the most commonly used attachments: the 1380-SA Revinloc attachment and MBSL-200-SA 1800 spindle locating attachment. (Also MB-2-SL-SA, 360 degree locator.)

This orientation (the O in HP!) optional attachment on the Davenport HP can be used in either 3rd or 4th position individually, or both positions simultaneously.

The HPO reduces setup time by eliminating the time involved with installing and setting the machine’s mechanical components.

For example, the revinloc attachment requires a rotary slotter, a clutch made specifically for the number of flats required on the part, a yolk assembly and finally special machining of the stationary head to install the yolk assembly. This can take from 3 to 6 hours to install.

With the HPO optional attachment, all that is required to generate up to 12 features is a special gear set, a rotary slotter attachment and special cam per part requirement. All operations can be completed within 720 degrees, or two full revolutions of movement, set-up time is reduced by one to two hours.

The HPO optional attachment will also function with the work spindles stopped, which was not possible with the 1380-SA.

Due to the shifting of mechanical gears, the speed that your main spindles are revolving is limited to 2500 rpm. A special gear set, rotary slotter with keyed outer spindle and a special cam per part requirement is also required.

The MBSL-200-SA spindle locating attachment is another example for use of the HPO as an optional attachment. This attachment requires spindle stopping clutches (2496-57-SA) to be installed in the machine. The MBSL-200-SA attachment also requires special locating collets, a locating wrench, a cam to engage the wrench to collet and an extra cam to push the spindle to desired position. It also requires extra machining to the stationary head cap and prolonged setup time to install at approximately 4 to 8 hours.

The HPO optional attachment still requires spindle stopping clutches (2496-57-SA) to be installed in the machine, but it eliminates all of the extra machining and a significant amount of the installation time by reducing it to one to two hours.

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