New Proprietary Coated Heads Show Zero Wear After One Million Parts

The NEW Davenport Proprietary Coated Head shows zero wear after producing one million parts in a test run on a customer’s machines. Now the same extended wear-life found on the Revolutionary HP Revolving Head, is available on Standard 8-SA Heads with standard spindles. Using a proprietary metallic hard-coating material on

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Early Days at Davenport

Chauffeur for Mr. Lewis As a young man, only in his teens, Dad applied for a job as a chauffeur for a local machine tool dealer named Mr. Lewis. When he hired him, he told Dad, “Let’s go”. Dad climbed behind the wheel and tried to decipher the confusing levers

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Davenport Announces New Servo Threading Attachment

Davenport Machine has developed a new Servo Threading Attachment that will retrofit to existing Model B multi-spindle automatic screw machines. The new attachment eliminates clutches and the gears associated with mechanical threading attachments. It also provides users with unlimited programmable spindle speeds within the range of 0-6000 RPM. The new

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Davenport Machine Receives ISO 9001:2000 Certification

The New Davenport Machine, 167 Ames Street, Rochester, NY has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification. After acquiring the assets of Davenport almost 2 years and 4 months ago, the New Davenport has continued to improve processes and upgrade products to regain market share rapidly. Our continuing efforts and commitment to high

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Back From The Brink – From Canadian Industrial Publishing

A well-known and well-respected brand from the past has recently made a comeback thanks to industry veteran Robert Brinkman, who acquired the assets of Davenport Machine last year with a clear mission in mind: to win back Davenport customers. A successful showing at the recent Westec trade show has Brinkman

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Trade Secrets Revealed

Ware Brothers vs. Chicago Roller Skate Dad always said, “Keep your mouth shut.” Here is one of the reasons. Dad used to sell Davenports to either Chicago Roller Skate Company or Ware Brothers, or both-Can’t remember. In any event, roller skate wheels used to be made out of hard wood

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Anderson Fittings Taps Davenport for Single-Operation Solution

Anderson Fittings, Inc., opened its doors to manufacture brass fittings, valves, and accessories for a variety of industries over 50 years ago in 1947. Since then, the company has steadily grown in its Chicago-area location, expanding its product line to include air brake and pneumatic fittings, and now employs over

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Davenport Machine Benefits from Increase in Aerospace Industry

For over 100 years, American Manufacturing has understood that the most efficient and cost effective way to manufacture large volumes of turned machine parts is on a Davenport. The American aerospace industry has always understood that the best way to get flawless quality and a repeatable process for manufacturing aerospace

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Stories from the Plant

Coolant Blues There are many stories of things going wrong in the plant. Most were just human error or ignorance and I guess you could say this incident is both. The men in the turret lath department were plagued by dermatitis on a regular basis. The machines coolant sumps would

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Growing Up Poor

Hiking to the Blueberry Ledges As one of fourteen kids Dad and his siblings were always put to work in one way or another. Grandma Brinkman was a great cook and had many skills that helped keep the family fed. She would send the boys off to the blueberry ledges

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