New Proprietary Coated Heads Show Zero Wear After One Million Parts

The NEW Davenport Proprietary Coated Head shows zero wear after producing one million parts in a test run on a customer’s machines. Now the same extended wear-life found on the Revolutionary HP Revolving Head, is available on Standard 8-SA Heads with standard spindles.

Using a proprietary metallic hard-coating material on the bearing diameter bands, the 8-SA Head has less friction and less wear. This is a proven way to extend the life and accuracy of the Davenport Model B and Davenport HP screw machines. After repeated testing, the hard-coated heads show NO VISIBLE OR MEASURABLE SIGNS OF WEAR!


  • Both bearing diameter bands are covered by a proprietary metallic hard-coating material
  • Hard-coated heads retain oil better and reduce friction during index by over 65%
  • Greatly reduced galling and pick up on the bearing bands due to dissimilar metal interfaces – indexing the revolving head no longer runs a cast iron head on a cast iron bed
  • Extended life and accuracy of the Davenport Model B or Davenport HP Runs:
  • No visible or measurable wear on hard-coated heads after producing over 1 million parts
  • Test machine has NO SIGNS OF WEAR on the scraped bores, with the original oil-distribution scores of the scraping bar still evident on 100% of the bore
  • No burnishing of high spots was evident at any point in the bores
  • The head and machine bed looked like the day they were assembled, and with good spindles, they can make parts as accurately as the first day of operation!
  • Also available as an option on oversize 8-SA spare parts and full revolving head assemblies

Davenport Machine is the only ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of Davenport replacement parts in the world. Davenport manufactures the Davenport HP and Model B multi-spindle screw machines, custom application attachments, and provides technical services to customers for increased productivity. For more information, visit our website at

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