Thread rolling and screw machine experts CJWinter and Davenport Machine Tool Company will once again showcase at this year’s Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS 2017). The sister companies will debut brand new machinery and updated product technology at their booth. CJWinter will show a variety of tooling including thread rolls,

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Uncles Galore, Cousins Too

One of the great things about the family was all the Aunts, Uncles and cousins. The family reunions were always a hoot with lots of kidding, yelling, singing and love. Beer and brats at Uncle Jay and Aunt Dot’s were always well attended family reunions. Dad used to bring the

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: On the Road for Davenport

Dad had many “On the Road” stories as he traveled extensively, demonstrating and installing machines all over the country. Here are just a few that I remember. Shine or “The Good Stuff” Dad used to smoke, use Copenhagen brand snuff and of course he could drink with the best of

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Davenport Announces 24-Hour Delivery for Cams

Davenport Machine now offers 24-hour delivery for cams. We also offer drastically reduced delivery time for custom engineered cams. All customers providing Davenport with custom requirements will receive cams in just 4 business days. For more information, contact the Davenport team today.

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Hunting & Fishing

Poaching was a way of life in the U.P. Deer, rabbits, Partridge, fish, all were fair game to put food on the table or salt down, pickle or preserve in one way or the other. They used to take apart old ball bearings and use the balls in homemade slingshots

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Inventions

Bent Shank Tapping During the depression machine orders were few and far between. Dad was always looking for a newer or better way to do things and one of his ideas was to put a tap inside the burring spindle Bent shank tapping had been done for many years but

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Davenport Training Course Proves Successful for Candidates

Davenport Machine hosted a hands-on, five-day Operator Training course at our facility in Rochester, New York, February 20-24, 2006. The course received excellent reviews by all of the class attendees. Some of the comments included: “The course was effective…I learned a lot!” “It was an honor to learn from someone

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Online Ordering for Davenport Machine

Davenport Machine offers online ordering that makes it easier than ever for customers to check stock, receive a quote, and order parts from Davenport. Davenport’s online ordering allows access to a listing of the most frequently-used Davenport replacement parts. Customers can order directly through the site, or print out a

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Stories of Earl Brinkman: Pranks & Amusements

Slots and Slugs While working in the shop building machines Dad quickly became the resident expert on how to do things on a Davenport. One day one of the other older workers came to Dad and handed him a round disk just about the size of a quarter.  He asked

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