Last American Multi-Spindle Builder Keeps Moving Forward

Davenport Machine has a storied history and is an iconic brand. Its place in the pantheon of American machine tool builders is assured. However, in the multi-spindle world, it is the last company standing.

At PMTS in April, the company announced a new machine, called the Concept, designed to help move the company forward. It was branded the Davenport Hybrid Concept Machine and attracted a large and interested crowd at the company’s booth, including me.

According to Andy Laniak, CEO of parent company Brinkman International, the concept of the Concept is to answer the most pressing demands of today’s high-volume manufacturers. One of those is to provide a 1-inch capacity machine that still possesses the Davenport attribute of speed and economical production for high volume producers.

In our August issue, Mr. Laniak talks about the history of Davenport and his plans to move the company forward with the application of technology that makes sense. This builder is not standing still and plans to continue shipping machines from its Rochester, New York, headquarters.

You can read Mr. Laniak’s comments here.

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