New Quick Change Tool Spindle Box Cuts Hours Off Set Ups

The New Patent Pending Quick Change Tool Spindle Front Box from Davenport Machine was developed in conjunction with Davenport customers to cut HOURS off of every setup requiring a tool spindle change.

When installing a standard one-piece box, it can commonly take one hour to properly align a tool spindle, especially a revolving spindle. The new Quick Change Box allows the steel outer housing to be aligned and installed once, and interchangeable bronze liners can then be swapped in less than a minute. Changing from a stationary spindle to a revolving spindle, or to a broaching spindle, can be done without disturbing the spindle alignment!

All the worn boxes in a spindle machine can be replaced quickly and easily without hours of costly maintenance. When used with new 672-U1-SA and 672-U2-SA Universal Backlash Collars, operators can pull a complete spindle assembly out and replace it in minutes. No other “Quick Aligning” tool-spindle system for a Davenport can claim these improvements, and none are this easy to use, or inexpensive to own. After only 2 weeks of using this new system, one of our first customers has ordered 80 more assemblies to retrofit their machines due to the huge improvement to productivity and downtime reduction.

Features: Permanently installed and aligned Steel Outer Housing, assembly comes complete with the 2 most common bushing liners (Ø1.125 & Ø1.375), Ø1.656 ID liners are also available (Part # 335-UB-1656), absolute lowest cost-of-ownership of any tool-spindle bushing system available, 100% interchangeability with genuine Davenport Machine OEM parts.

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