Workforce Challenges Addressed by the Davenport Hybrid

Our Davenport Hybrid machine addresses both traditional machinery challenges and developing challenges found in the modern manufacturing workplace. Our equipment has the sub-systems and intuitive upgrades your facility needs to maintain a competitive edge.

The Hybrid provides manufacturing facilities with greater flexibility. It solves the problems of expensive maintenance, over-reliance on specialized labor, and more.

Workforce Challenges Which the Hybrid Addresses

Reduced Maintenance Downtime

Scheduled and unscheduled downtime can dramatically affect your facility’s productivity. Sensitive machinery often requires more time and attention from skilled technicians, in the form of frequent maintenance or repairs. The longer any equipment is down, the less business you can handle within a given window. Minimizing equipment and schedule disruption is essential for meeting deadlines and production schedules.

The Hybrid has a one-touch tool wear size adjustment feature so operators can easily change part size for all 5 spindles. The machinery can correct for wear on its spindle attachments by moving in increments of 0.0001 inches, so there’s no mechanical risk of over- or under-adjustment. This establishes tight tolerance levels across the lifespan of the attachments, without the need for manual mechanical adjustments.

Moreover, the Hybrid utilizes a High Precision (HP) revolving head which has outstanding run time. In fact, 80% of the first heads installed are still running today without any maintenance whatsoever.

Faster Setup

The Hybrid incorporates the best of mechanical versatility with the flexibility, precision and accuracy of CNC technology. This combination of mechanical and CNC technology allows the Hybrid to reduce set-up changeover times by up to 50%.

Davenport’s Dove Tail Tooling System allows the operator to hold OD tolerances with form tools, thus removing the need for shave tools. We’ve entirely removed the need for a shave tool – which we estimate takes up 30% or more of set-up time – from the machine. The Davenport DTS is specifically designed to be used with disposable carbide insert technology. Using today’s cutting edge technology from major carbide insert OEMs, you get the best tool-edge possible at the cheapest cost per part. The advanced tooling materials, the hundreds of available coatings, and easy edge replacement make tool changes less frequent. With quick-change tool technology, replacing an insert is faster and easier than regrinding which allows the Hybrid to cut good parts again in less time than ever before.

Ultimately, the Hybrid machine allows manufacturers to produce more goods faster without a reduction in quality by opening up the shave position. The Hybrid offers tight form control and allows manufacturers to effectively produce six-spindle parts on five-spindle machinery.

Skilled Worker Supply

It’s a fact of life in this industry: highly-skilled set-up people are in short supply. Precision machining continues to see a shortage of skilled factory workers, and many argue that automation is driving this shortage.

Many employees with the technical know-how to operate, control, and maintain equipment are now reaching retirement age, and the knowledge is being handed down to a progressively smaller group of specialists. General operators have different skillsets that, while essential, leave the floor understaffed. This problem is underscored by reduced budgets for in-house training programs and a growing trend of younger employees changing jobs more frequently.

Changing to machinery that’s easier to operate and requires less skill specialization allows facilities to stay competitive in the face of a growing skills gap.

Davenport has designed a user-friendly interface by consulting with mechanical operators and experienced CNC users to create a system that best communicates with all users. Operators with a wide range of experience levels and backgrounds can effectively use the interface to make common, difficult, and complex adjustments. This makes the machinery more approachable, productive, and accurate.

Meet Industry Challenges With the Davenport Hybrid

The easier your machinery is to operate, the faster your team can continue to create consistent, high-quality products. At Davenport Machine, we work hard to bring you the best in upgrades and adjustments so you have the capabilities you need to get the job done. Our precision machining equipment is built to accommodate operators with different experience levels and tiers of specialization, while simultaneously increasing ROI and production speed.

Watch our video to learn more about changing from traditional machinery to CNC equipment that operates without mechanical adjustments. Feel free to request a quote for personalized pricing of our Davenport Hybrid machine.

Hybrid Design Machine Features Infographic
Take A Look At Our
Hybrid Design Machine Features Infographic


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