Stories of Earl Brinkman: Family

Grandpa Brinkman and most of the boys either worked in the Copper mines or lumber camps.

When the mines started to close Grandpa Brinkman went down to Milwaukee to find work. He sent money home to his wife on a regular basis. He eventually brought everyone down to Pierce Street to a little two story house with wooden floors and a long table in the kitchen. There was a bathroom right off the kitchen where I used to hide from his playing the violin. He was probably pretty good but at three or whatever I was at the time, I didn’t appreciate the music.

Noise, noise, noise

Grandma Brinkman was born in the US. She returned to Austria, now Slovenia, when she was a young girl and came back later. She was born with one hip socket which left her with a short leg and a limp. This didn’t stop her from having fourteen children, however.

When my mother married my father they visited Milwaukee on a driving trip to see customers. Of course everyone got together to see Earl and his new wife. All these big German guys made so much noise yelling and kidding with each other that Mom went into the bathroom and cried. She just wasn’t used to so much noise at a family gathering. Must be her side of the family, although also German, wasn’t quite as loud. She used to say that her dad wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouth full.

Marroquin Industries Established as Davenport Machine’s New West Coast Distributor

Davenport Machine, Inc. announced this month that it has teamed with Marroquin Industries Corporation to create Davenport West, an exclusive distribution center of Davenport spare parts and new machines based in Los Angeles.

Marroquin Industries Corporation, founded by Emilio R. Marroquin, has specialized in the design engineering and manufacturing of automation systems retrofitted on conventional screw machines, such as Davenports, since 1983. Backed by Wolf Halder and a team of highly qualified technical assistants, this new partnership not only provides expert local assistance answering questions about Davenport replacement parts, but it enables west coast customers to have quick and convenient access to fill their immediate Davenport parts needs.

“We at Marroquin Industries Corporation strive to provide our customers with the finest quality craftsmanship and prompt service with superior technical assistance in the fastener manufacturing industry,” says owner Emilio Marroquin.

“We have also been named the exclusive Davenport machine rebuilder for the western United States, and with over $300,000 of stock inventory, we’ll be able to serve our Davenport customers with their spare parts requirements.”

Davenport West and Marroquin Industries Corporation will be holding an Open House event during the week of April 4th, where customers will be able to see the Davenport Servo B Machine in operation with the New High Precision Head. New Davenport Tool Holders and C. J. Winter Thread Rolling products will also be featured.

Davenport Machine, Inc., part of the Brinkman International Group, is headquartered in Rochester, NY. Davenport Machine manufactures the Servo B multi-spindle screw machine, custom application attachments, and technical services for increased productivity. They also manufacture and provide over 18,000 genuine OEM replacement parts for equipment in the field through domestic stocking distributors. For distributor locations and contact information visit our web site at or call 1-800-344-5748.

Marroquin Industries is an industry leader in supplying comprehensive machine automation and controls to the aircraft and commercial fastener manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad. They are located in Los Angeles.

Stories of Earl Brinkman: Dad’s Sayings

Dad was well known for many of his favorite sayings. “How are you Earl?” would invariably be answered with, “Right in the pink!” But he had many more which just keep on surfacing in my vocabulary. Here are some of the ones that I remember and sometimes practice.

Sayings: Earl W. Brinkman

  • The transgressor never forgives.
  • What’s right is right.
  • Never take an unfair advantage.
  • Stay ahead of ’em.
  • Moving force follows the path of least resistance.
  • Never let there be a doubt.
  • In the pink.
  • A mans’ word is his bond.
  • A miss is as good as a mile.
  • Always give credit where credit is due.
  • Intestinal fortitude
  • We grow to soon olt und to late schmart.
  • There’s no better way to make it than to not spend it.
  • Cheap skate
  • Nature abhors a vacuum.
  • If you’re going to do it, do it right.

Robert J. Brinkman favorites, some original (*)

  • If one’s good, twenty’s better. *
  • One good thing about people being able to smoke in bars is that it kept me out of bars.
  • Cream rises to the top.
  • If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
  • Change is constant.
  • If you’re not changing, you’re going backwards.*
  • Never agree with one side of the story until you hear both sides, and then you’re probably better off to stay out of it.*
  • I’m glad you’re all here.*
  • The buck doesn’t stop here, I just make change-one way or another.*
  • I have a bad memory so I always tell the truth because the truth is always the truth.*
  • No is a four letter word. *
  • There is no such thing as a good assumption

Close Relationship between R.I.T. and Brinkman International Group, Inc.

Earl W. Brinkman was no stranger to innovation and hard work. His many patents speak to that fact. In the eulogy written by son Robert Brinkman after Earl’s death he was remembered as a man who “was always looking for a better way, a faster way, a way never tried before”. It’s therefore, no surprise that Mr. Brinkman’s 55 years of hard work and innovative ideas at Davenport Machine earned him the name “Mr. Davenport”.

In 1996, thanks to Robert Brinkman and the Brinkman Family Foundation, The Brinkman Lab in RIT’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering was founded. This facility was named in honor of his father, a pioneer in the machine tool industry and long time chief engineer and president of the Rochester-based Davenport Machine.

In 2007 Bob donated a new wing to The Brinkman Manufacturing Lab. The Lab primarily supports R&D by the college of engineering and CIMS. It also offers a “hands on” training course that’s available to individuals wishing to gain experience in CNC machining.

Brinkman International Group, Inc. supports RIT by helping out with the senior design project that MMET students are required to complete. Not only does Brinkman donate machines but they also donate operator time for these projects. This year, Brinkman was a component of the 3rd annual “cutting-edge technology and world-class artistry” also known as Imagine RIT that was held on May 1st. Sandro Belpanno, an alumnus from RIT and a Brinkman Engineer helped support the R.O.A.R. (Refrigerator Open Alarm and Reminder) project with a team of eleven students. The project took six months to complete and was a great success.

Ongoing relations continue with the lab for events like Imagine R.I.T. and Brinkman’s active internship program. These opportunities give Brinkman International Group an advantage in the marketplace because of the wealth of knowledge, resources and access to future employees.

Davenport Announces 24-Hour Delivery for Cams

Davenport Machine now offers 24-hour delivery for cams.

We also offer drastically reduced delivery time for custom engineered cams. All customers providing Davenport with custom requirements will receive cams in just 4 business days.

For more information, contact the Davenport team today.

Davenport’s Multi-Spindle Machine Published in “Production Machining”

Production Machining has featured Davenport Machine’s tools and technology in an article titled, “Competing on a Multi-Spindle.”

For many high-volume applications, multi-spindle automatics are the right technology for production machining. Increasingly, that production efficiency has been pressured by changes in the needs of shops in the form of shorter run jobs and higher tolerances.

This article looks at some of the steps Davenport Machine has taken to address quick change-over issues on its multi-spindle machines and their tooling. Click here to view the article.

Davenport Machine, Inc. Launches Technical Services Group

Davenport Machine, Inc., a Brinkman International Group company, announced the formation of its new Technical Services Group, a division tasked with supporting the needs of customers gaining new business in the recent economic recovery and growth in the manufacturing sector.

The Technical Services Group will draw on the company’s extensive knowledge base and legacy archives of engineering solutions to help customers increase productivity without the need to immediately increase staff and expense overhead.

“With the business upturn our industry is now experiencing, many customers are finding that they are short-handed,” said James McGaffin, Manager, Sales and Marketing for Davenport Machine, Inc. “Our customers are finding that even though it’s too soon to bring in new engineers, they still have an increased workload that needs to be handled. That’s where our new Technical Services Group comes into play, fitting in nicely for the growth transition.”

Davenport maintains a blueprint and data archive of over fifty years of attachment and part designs for the company’s celebrated machinery, a popular staple of the screw machine industry. With such an extensive wealth of solutions on hand, Davenport can save customers the time and expense of “re-inventing the wheel” by creating and implementing designs for which solutions already exist.

In addition, the expertise of Davenport engineers can dramatically reduce the time and cost investment needed for new designs, giving customers a cost-effective, top-quality competitive edge to combat overseas competitors.

The Davenport Technical Services Group will provide:

  • Time estimates, at no cost to customers
  • Part layouts
  • Tooling designs
  • Training at customer sites for set up, machine operation, and maintenance (programs which are also available at Davenport’s Rochester, NY training facility)

“The Technical Services Group is an optimum solution for our customers’ business-development requirements. Using the years of experience available to us, Davenport can cost effectively assist in the technical support required for any part capable of being produced on a Davenport,” McGaffin said. “As manufacturers experience new growth, we can ally with them in the transition periods between landing new business and bringing on additional, full-time engineering staff.”

Contact Davenport today for information about training sessions, resources and more.

Davenport Announces Davenport HP Pickoff and 2-Station Back Working Attachments

New Servo Pickoff and 2-Station Back Working Attachments are now available as optional equipment on the Davenport HP and 5-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine.

These attachments add more flexibility to the machine and allow operators to become more efficient by eliminating costly secondary operations that require transfer and set-up on other machines.

The combination of these attachments will allow users to incorporate multiple machining operations after a part is cut off, including drilling, tapping, countersinks, or other operations that normally require a secondary operation on another machine.

The RPM of the servo motor controlled pickoff spindle can be electronically matched to the RPM of the work spindle to facilitate part transfer. After part pickoff, the spindle can be adjusted in both speed and direction to fit the desired machining parameters. After the part is picked off from the work spindles, the back working slide with required cutting tools is moved into position, and the part is fed into the tools to complete the machining operation(s).

The pickoff spindle is controlled by an independent Servo motor that can be programmed for speeds and feeds from the Davenport HP PLC control. A typical operation sequence example would be as follows:

  1. The pickoff advances at same revolutions and part is cut off.
  2. The spindle then reverses, speeds up and drills at proper SF/M using right hand drill.
  3. The spindle then slows down, taps using a right hand tap, reverses to back out tap and stops to gently eject part.
  4. Spindle reverses again to pick up next part.

To see if this attachment is perfect for your application, Davenport will provide a feasibility and time study of your parts at no charge.


  • Motor RPM: 6000 RPM
  • Motor HP: 4.5 Kw (Approx 2.5 Hp)
  • Feed travel: 3-1/2″ total pickoff spindle travel (actual usable travel will be part dependent)
  • Back Working Tool Length: 1 inch (actual tool length will be part dependent)

Davenport Machine Offers Operator Training Course In Partnership With PMPA

Davenport Machine will host a hands-on, five-day Operator Training course at our facility in Rochester, New York, February 20-24, 2006. The course was developed in response to industry trends showing companies in need of proper training to remain competitive in today’s market. The course is designed for Davenport operators with one to two years experience.

The new course will cover in detail the following parts and operations:
Major machine components, machine configuration, layout conventions, camming, chuck and feed mechanism, cams/spindle gears/feed gears, spindle indication, side working tool setting, size tool holder, end working tool holders, burring attachment, tapping, Davenport thread rolling attachment, installation of Winter’s thread rolling attachment, cut threads, daily maintenance, and machining concepts. The course is both instructional and hands-on.

This comprehensive course, when completed, is eligible for tuition reimbursement through PMPA. Contact Davenport Machine for details or to register for upcoming classes. All students will receive a certificate of completion from Davenport.

New High Precision HP Head is Now Standard on Davenport HP

The emphasis and benefit of using a Davenport machine is the speed, or cycle-time, of producing parts and the versatility of attachments for a variety of operations to be performed on a single part.

These attachments often eliminate second operations or set-ups enabling the part to be dropped off the machine fully completed. The design and manufacturing processes of the original Davenport produced a machine that was recognized as having the ability to produce parts with tolerances on diameter using form tools in the 0.001’s with even better results using improved tooling and workholding collets.

Today, the Davenport machine enters a new dimension of accuracy and repeatability. By redesigning and improving the manufacturing process for the revolving head and the five integral spindles, Davenport introduces the new High Precision (HP) Head. The New Davenport HP Head Provides:

  • Increased spindle rigidity
  • Improved part diameter accuracy
  • Improved surface finishes
  • Improved part roundness
  • Less part taper and deflection
  • 2 to 3 times spindle life
  • Improved spindle index repeatability
  • Improved spindle run-out

The new design has stiffened the machine revolving spindles by replacing bronze or needle bearings with ABEC 9 angular contact radial bearings. This improvement now delivers spindle run-out consistently less than 0.0005″. The revolving head has remained consistent in it’s design, however, the manufacturing process has been upgraded to produce a more precise part. The result is a head that provides index repeatability to within 0.0006″.

One measurement familiar to most Davenport operators is a “free turn test” which uses a basic form tool to turn a diameter. Free turn tests on the new HP Head produced part diameters within a total range of 0.0009″ to 0.0014″ depending on tooling, and speeds and feeds. This means that the new HP Head option is delivering test results that are 3 to 4 times better than a good Davenport Screw Machines in the field today.

“Not only does this mean better performance, less maintenance and longer component life,” states Bob Brinkman, Davenport’s CEO, “But it also means a shop owner can now quote on jobs where in the past specified tolerances forced them to pass up using their old Davenports.”

“We are committed to keeping our customers competitive in the world marketplace”, says Brinkman, “And we will continue to improve our product with that goal at the forefront of our efforts.” The new High Precision Head is available as standard equipment on all new Davenport HP and Model B machines as well as any Davenport remanufactured machines.