Davenport Machine Offers Operator Training Course In Partnership With PMPA

Davenport Machine will host a hands-on, five-day Operator Training course at our facility in Rochester, New York, February 20-24, 2006. The course was developed in response to industry trends showing companies in need of proper training to remain competitive in today’s market. The course is designed for Davenport operators with one to two years experience.

The new course will cover in detail the following parts and operations:
Major machine components, machine configuration, layout conventions, camming, chuck and feed mechanism, cams/spindle gears/feed gears, spindle indication, side working tool setting, size tool holder, end working tool holders, burring attachment, tapping, Davenport thread rolling attachment, installation of Winter’s thread rolling attachment, cut threads, daily maintenance, and machining concepts. The course is both instructional and hands-on.

This comprehensive course, when completed, is eligible for tuition reimbursement through PMPA. Contact Davenport Machine for details or to register for upcoming classes. All students will receive a certificate of completion from Davenport.

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