New High Precision HP Head is Now Standard on Davenport HP

The emphasis and benefit of using a Davenport machine is the speed, or cycle-time, of producing parts and the versatility of attachments for a variety of operations to be performed on a single part.

These attachments often eliminate second operations or set-ups enabling the part to be dropped off the machine fully completed. The design and manufacturing processes of the original Davenport produced a machine that was recognized as having the ability to produce parts with tolerances on diameter using form tools in the 0.001’s with even better results using improved tooling and workholding collets.

Today, the Davenport machine enters a new dimension of accuracy and repeatability. By redesigning and improving the manufacturing process for the revolving head and the five integral spindles, Davenport introduces the new High Precision (HP) Head. The New Davenport HP Head Provides:

  • Increased spindle rigidity
  • Improved part diameter accuracy
  • Improved surface finishes
  • Improved part roundness
  • Less part taper and deflection
  • 2 to 3 times spindle life
  • Improved spindle index repeatability
  • Improved spindle run-out

The new design has stiffened the machine revolving spindles by replacing bronze or needle bearings with ABEC 9 angular contact radial bearings. This improvement now delivers spindle run-out consistently less than 0.0005″. The revolving head has remained consistent in it’s design, however, the manufacturing process has been upgraded to produce a more precise part. The result is a head that provides index repeatability to within 0.0006″.

One measurement familiar to most Davenport operators is a “free turn test” which uses a basic form tool to turn a diameter. Free turn tests on the new HP Head produced part diameters within a total range of 0.0009″ to 0.0014″ depending on tooling, and speeds and feeds. This means that the new HP Head option is delivering test results that are 3 to 4 times better than a good Davenport Screw Machines in the field today.

“Not only does this mean better performance, less maintenance and longer component life,” states Bob Brinkman, Davenport’s CEO, “But it also means a shop owner can now quote on jobs where in the past specified tolerances forced them to pass up using their old Davenports.”

“We are committed to keeping our customers competitive in the world marketplace”, says Brinkman, “And we will continue to improve our product with that goal at the forefront of our efforts.” The new High Precision Head is available as standard equipment on all new Davenport HP and Model B machines as well as any Davenport remanufactured machines.

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