A Note from Bob Brinkman: It’s “Not My Father’s” Davenport

I have noticed a decidedly disconcerting attitude among some in the industry that the Davenport Five Spindle Automatic Screw Machine is “Old” technology. Because if it isn’t CNC, fiber optic or made of Kevlar it’s obsolete. That opinion couldn’t be farther from the truth. After all, the wheel was discovered eons ago but it is still the only efficient way of moving things. The same applies to Davenport. Don’t fall for the CNC trap.

The Davenport HP Davenport is a perfect marriage of proven and improved mechanical technology with the flexibility and control of PLC’s and servo motors. And the Model B is also greatly improved.

Since we started the “New” Davenport the progress that has been made is tremendous. The Davenport is still the fastest, most economical way to produce high volumes of turned parts—period. Why else would there be thousands of Davenports still running? Davenport owners continue to use them because you can buy several Davenports for the price of a CNC machine. And with the addition of back working, Servo threading and the High Precision (HP) head, tolerances and part quality are better than ever.

What are the Davenport users doing? Most are incorporating a variety of machines around their core Davenports. 100% part inspection using a variety of methods, some built into the machine, ensure the ability to supply to the ever more demanding requirements of the customers. Constant innovation here at Davenport has improved the machine to the point that a great deal of the fitting that used to be required has been eliminated. The HP head is holding shave tool tolerances with form tools and running cooler and quieter (for a Davenport). We have more improvements on the way.

Training is important. Many of our customers lament, “I can’t find any decent operators”. The answer is to train them, either here at Davenport or in your own shop with your own unique to you methods. The Davenport HP is easy to learn and with the proper guarding can be clean, quiet and precise. We can help.

Rebuilding. A clutch is a clutch is a clutch. The servo machines don’t have any. When rebuilding, why substitute one type of clutch for another when you can upgrade to a servo machine? Many Rebuilders are using strictly Davenport parts now, but some are not. I urge you to specify original Davenport parts whenever you have your machines rebuilt. They’re no longer expensive. We have made so many changes and improvements to our parts and lowered our prices substantially, that buying non-Davenport parts seems like a waste. A cheap part is only that, a cheap part. But a Davenport part comes backed by the entire company.

Continued Progress. We are small but growing. Remember two years ago what thoughts went through your mind when Davenport might have closed its doors for good? Where am I going to get the parts that nobody else makes? Where am I going to get service and advice on attachments and applications? That’s why we continue to ask for your parts business, to support the rest of the organization. The large corporate, impersonal management is gone for good. We have a dedicated team of people whose only mission is to provide you with excellent quality and service. In the last eighteen months it is Davenport that has driven all prices down. “We’ve come a long way baby”. “It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile”. “It’s not my father’s Davenport”. It’s better, much better! Thanks for your continued support.

Bob Brinkman President and C.E.O. Davenport Machine, Inc. Davenport-the next 100 years!

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