Davenport Announces Davenport HP Pickoff and 2-Station Back Working Attachments

New Servo Pickoff and 2-Station Back Working Attachments are now available as optional equipment on the Davenport HP and 5-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine.

These attachments add more flexibility to the machine and allow operators to become more efficient by eliminating costly secondary operations that require transfer and set-up on other machines.

The combination of these attachments will allow users to incorporate multiple machining operations after a part is cut off, including drilling, tapping, countersinks, or other operations that normally require a secondary operation on another machine.

The RPM of the servo motor controlled pickoff spindle can be electronically matched to the RPM of the work spindle to facilitate part transfer. After part pickoff, the spindle can be adjusted in both speed and direction to fit the desired machining parameters. After the part is picked off from the work spindles, the back working slide with required cutting tools is moved into position, and the part is fed into the tools to complete the machining operation(s).

The pickoff spindle is controlled by an independent Servo motor that can be programmed for speeds and feeds from the Davenport HP PLC control. A typical operation sequence example would be as follows:

  1. The pickoff advances at same revolutions and part is cut off.
  2. The spindle then reverses, speeds up and drills at proper SF/M using right hand drill.
  3. The spindle then slows down, taps using a right hand tap, reverses to back out tap and stops to gently eject part.
  4. Spindle reverses again to pick up next part.

To see if this attachment is perfect for your application, Davenport will provide a feasibility and time study of your parts at no charge.


  • Motor RPM: 6000 RPM
  • Motor HP: 4.5 Kw (Approx 2.5 Hp)
  • Feed travel: 3-1/2″ total pickoff spindle travel (actual usable travel will be part dependent)
  • Back Working Tool Length: 1 inch (actual tool length will be part dependent)

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